some personal deets..

hi guys I’m Kendall Taylor.

24 years kickin’ attended 3 different high schools, graduated from the coolest prep school in Waco, Tx. attended 4 different colleges including SMU Dallas and Franklin University in Switzerland, finally graduated with a business degree from a good ole community college that I ended up falling in love with.

I have a wonderful and supportive family that believes in my many ventures and always listens (questions) my many creative ideas. I’m in love with my high school sweetie of 9 years, and we live on the road together! I have the CUTEST white French Bulldog named Wylder – he’s a ham, and the pea to my pod.

I launched my photography business a year and a half after I launched my startup business Roaming Wild. Roaming Wild is an online and mobile pop-up collection of unique clothing and accessories. Like any business owner I wanted my boutique to stand out from the rest. I would grab a model, style her and then shoot. My passion for photography blossomed from there.

I am not OCD// heck I’m messy, unorganized, and I blow wherever the wind takes me. But, behind the camera I’ve never wanted anything to be more real, raw, beautiful + whatever your version of perfection I want that. Every detail, angle, light, expression – I have a vision and I want to create it with YOU. I have no formal education concerning my fancy schmancy piece of glass- BUT I love what I do, and I will make sure that your vision and my vision collide together to make a piece of perfection!

There’s lots more, but you get the jest// average girl striving for an above average life. I won’t settle for something that I don’t absolutely love. That’s why I guarantee that I will always go above and beyond to make sure you love your photos.  I want to create and capture memories for you + I want to capture images that you will look back on one day and remember that life might be messy or unorganized at times, but life is also beautiful and absolutely, and uniquely you.