I believe in the authenticity of a wedding day. I believe in basking in the love from your closest friends and family members. I believe in spending the extra few minutes getting dressed just to sit with your mother and grandma because they’re there with you, and this is happening, and this moment in your life is so special. I believe in flexible timelines and even more flexible vendors. I believe in going with the flow and helping with solutions instead of being apart of the problem. I believe that the natural flow of each individual wedding is more important than the stress and pressure of a “normal” wedding day schedule. If something isn’t going to be on time, I’m there to help with suggestions on how to fit it in or change it. I believe in observing, getting to know and reading your bride and groom, recognizing when they’re tired of pictures, and calling it quits even when my creative heart screams “never enough”. Because I’m there to do more than just take your wedding day photos… I’m there to make sure you don’t miss your REAL moments in the rush of the wedding day hustle… the moments that may not even need to be photographed but they’re super important anyway. I don’t want my couples to end their wedding day feeling like all they did was pose for way too many photographs. I believe in working quickly and efficiently. I’m there to be supportive to you guys and to the others vendors working to make your day come together. I will always be a helping hand to bustle your dress, pin back a loose hair, run and grab you a tissue for unexpected tears. I will be there for you! I want to feel like an old friend that you can panic to if need be, I want to be a calm and reassuring presence surrounding you guys, because I will in fact be with you almost every second of your special day. I would love to be there to capture you, celebrate you, and help you and a hundred others achieve this ONE beautiful and special day!